Chenta Helical Gear has wide range ratio from 1:5 to 1:120
Horsepower Range from 1/4 HP to 75 HP
Features : - According to German Institute For Standardization ( DIN ) design
- High efficiency, high strength, and low noise Gearbox
- Complete specifications come out diverse installation
- Cast iron made housing strengthen the crash - against
- Except ratio 1/5 - 1/20 for 2 Stages Gear Design, ratio 1/25-1/120 all for 3 Stages Gear Design
- Differing from only 1 bearing support, our 2 bearing support Input Pinion come out steady rotation
- Motor's shaft Insert design on Input Flange make easy to Install IEC or Nema Motor
- Gear parts with precise procession make gears rotation even quieter and more efficient
- Installation and shaft dimension are compatible with Germany brand
- Beauty appearance and light weight Gearbox


Chenta Worm Gear
Features : Both IEC And Nema Flange Are Available
Ratio from 1:5 to 1:3600
1/4 HP to 100 HP
High quality double lips oil seals
Heat treated and ground on the threads of worm shaft
Aluminium bronze(AIBC3) worm wheel with excellent durability
Wheel hub in high strength of FC-20 cast iron
Tapered roller bearing on input shaft
Removable base for universal mounting
Long lasting service life
Chenta Hollow Output Shaft
Features : Power coating on housing prevents from rusting
The mounting dimension is compatible with italian gearboxes
Aluminium alloy die-cast gearbox
Compact structure saves mounting space
Highly accurate
Runs forward and backward
Stable transmission with reduced vibration and noise
With various accessories to choose and easily install
Light -duty design, can install right upon the equipment
Enlight facial area, make it easy to radiate heat and promote durability
Universal installation design, suitable for all installation
High strength Hollow Output Shaft, bear highly than cast iron reducer
Input Shaft made of Cr-Mo Alloy Steel, under carburized heat tratment, it heightens the strength extremely

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